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The holiday residence is located in Naxos island, on a sloping plot  6.000m2  facing west towards the sea and the island of Paros. The project is the conversion of two double-storey houses, that were both up to the concrete structural frame stage, into a single residence, the design of the outer spaces and the landscape. The project included the demolition of specific parts of the existing frame, the redesign of the outer shell and facades and the reorganization of all interior spaces. Ultimately, it refers to the experience of the metamorphosis of an existing 'skeleton' in order to support the life of a new 'body'.


Through the introduction of a cubic volume geometry and a modern interpretation of Cycladic architecture, the proposal aspires to establish a new dialectic with the surrounding landscape. The organization of the gaze towards specific views but also the need for protection from the strong sun and the North wind, defined the proportions and the rhythm of narrow (and large) openings and led to the organization of enclosed courtyards in juxtaposition to the outdoor spaces that enjoy panoramic views. The pool area at the lowest level formed an autonomous outdoor space, that functions both as a place of tranquility as well as an ideal space for a 'celebration'.Special emphasis was given to the design of the structural details and the materials of the various custom made structures (such as metallic staircases, doors, pergolas, built-in furniture, etc). The construction was based on the use of local materials and contractors.

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